Fuente (means "source, origin" in spanish) was created as a result of fascination with the possibilities of improving the quality of human life and the belief that every person has got the potential to function in harmony with themselves and their surroundings and to succeed in anything that is important for them, to fulfill their dreams. That everyone is meant to live happy, with flow, and has got their own "source" of it all, and it is only the matter to unlock, clean what covers or restricts it.

As far as I remember I had been looking for inspiration within the traditional trends in psychology, alternative approaches of work with the breath, mind, emotions and body, many traditions of spiritual development, especially Buddhism, ending on modern and eclectic therapeutic approaches. I observed, tried on myself, discarded what did not work until I found what gave me surprising and lasting results, both in my life and in the sessions for other people. Therefore with this approach I got involved for good, or rather until I find something more effective. I have not found anything like that yet, and it's been 11 years now.



Individual therapy includes two complementary areas:

  • resolution of personal, emotional, relationship difficulties, psychosomatic complaints and other types of frustrations and conflicts of life
  • processes oriented on supporting the individual path of personal development and improving the quality of life

Treatment shows that the healing of generational patterns and past damage are directly reflected in changes in emotions and physical symptoms in the here and now and in the future similar circumstances. Thus allows to change the reactions such as stress, negative emotions or impulsive behavior as well as more complex patterns applied in relationships, beliefs, values, or style and quality of life in general.

Psychobiological therapy is characterized by a short time in the achievement of objectives previously agreed with the client. Sessions are realised by Skype, Zoom or other communicator. Two meetings consisting of a 2-hour session, plus about half an hour meeting after a few days to check the effects, cost €65. We offer packages of 3 sessions for €175 or of 5 sessions at the special price of €275.



Group activities in the field of personal development: methods to cope with stress, self-management in planning your own development and self-realization, developing positive contacts with oneself and building good relationships with others and learning a set of therapeutical tools for individual use and development. They are run as online conferences or organised stationary in Poland or Gran Canaria.



Training in Psychobiological Therapy (earlier: PeakStates Therapy) for therapists, psychologists and coaches . Training covers expanded theory and treatment methods directed at repairing underlying biological trauma like epigenetic damage, prenatal and postnatal developmental trauma. Moreover it includes an intensive self healing and interchange practice. Trainings are run as onlice video conferences, using all sorts of educative materials and require self practice in between the meetings. Rarely are organised stationary.



"Before I came to Agata, I have been in traditional therapy, mainly behavioral, for over a decade, despite the fact that I knew a lot about it and I could analyze what were their causes, I still could not break through the painful schemes. With Agata it has become possible to get to the sources of trauma and disorders and to heal them in a relatively quick and, above all, effective way. I also appreciate the tools for independent work with the emotions that we developed during the sessions with Agata. The changes are clear and significant, noticeable Immediately, the comfort of my life, the feeling of happiness, the quality of relationships important to me has grown incomparably, I have found myself and feel that finally I can consciously construct my life as I desire it."

Anna singer, pianist, stage artist

"The training had a great impact on me. It is difficult to list all the benefits. My life has changed, I have changed and I am still changing. I am extremely grateful to the tutors for sharing knowledge, experience, support, feedback, understanding, for the patience and common passage of this part of the way. Would you recommend this training to your friends? Yes. The training is revolutionary and revolutionizes life. It can be better used by people who have already entered the path of personal development, are open and courageous in thinking, want to explore, experience something new, discover in themselves and in unknown fields, improve the quality and understanding of their lives."

Danuta, certified therapist PeakStates Therapy and Theta Healing

"I have always been accompanied by the feeling that man is essentially involved in limiting his patterns, mentioning again and again the same emotions, and even events. I've read books about positive thinking and participated in numerous personal development courses, but I could not get out of the old patterns. Only involving in the training of Psychobiological Therapy gave me the opportunity to overwork their own bosses and create their life as well as effective tools for therapeutic work with clients."

Arkadiusz, insurance agent and therapist

"In working with Agata I appreciate a lot of things: the first, its high efficiency, its involvement in the method, it is also extremely important for me to supervise the therapy, without imposing its own opinion or interpretation. The desired changes and find the solutions for myself. Agata effectively accompanies me in this process."

Karolina, child caregiver and mother of 2 children

About Me

My name is Agata Szyplińska. I graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Psychology. I am an advanced therapist, a trainer and a staff member of the Institute of the Study of the Peak States of Canada. I have completed Subcellurar & Developmental Psychobiology basic and advanced training, Studium of Gestalt Therapy Group, the Academy of Training Masters, I have participated in numerous workshops led by Bert Hellinger and his best students, the Course of Unit Therapy of Tal Laks and Deep Imaginary Process of Stephen Gallagos. My life consists of working with people, spending time in nature, in movement, meditation, volunteering with animals and in traveling. I have two cats and I live on Gran Canaria.


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